Honda Crosstour Return 2024: Changes and Price

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Honda Crosstour Return 2024: Changes and Price. If we can trust the latest reports, the Crosstour is returning. Not so long ago, Honda tried Subaru’s well-known formula of a crossover/station wagon. That model came based on the accord and featured a typical wagon body in a combination with raised ground clearance. Unfortunately, sales numbers weren’t that good and this model never managed to catch up with the Outback. Not long after, this crossover was discontinued. After several years of hiatus, it looks like Honda may take one more try. The new model would come as the Honda Crosstour 2024

At this point, this is nothing more than a rumor, so it is hard to speak about more precise details. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate about the possible model, which would once again take on the Outback, as well as on a more luxurious Audi Allroad Quattro model. We expect that Honda will stick to the original design philosophy but also expect to see big improvements in certain aspects, compared to the original.

Honda Crosstour Return 2024

Honda Crosstour 2024 Engine

When it pertains to the powertrain, we are not sure about the Accord’s base 1.5-liter turbo-four. It’s a good engine but we presume that Honda will probably want to stand out with a more powerful 2.0-liter engine that would be standard in all models. This engine delivers 252 horsepower and 272 pound-feet of torque but feels a lot more powerful. The Accord literally flies with this engine, so we have no doubt that the Honda Crosstour 2024 would feature pretty amazing driving dynamics also. The power would be sent to the front wheels, via 10-speed automatic transmission, while AWD models would be available too.

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Our company believe there would be a big chance to see a hybrid version in the offer too. Of course, that would be the Accord’s familiar system based on a 2.0-liter naturally-aspirated engine and a combined output of 212 horsepower.

Honda Crosstour 2024 Redesign

When it comes to base design characteristics, the first thing that comes to mind is the platform. We presume that the Honda Crosstour 2024 would also come based on the Accord. It would feature the same mechanics, which means an FWD layout, compared to Subaru’s legendary AWD system. Of course, the new Crosstour would be available with such a layout too, but there’s no need to talk about how Subaru’s drivetrain is superior.

Therefore, Honda will have to focus on other things. Given the Accord’s driving characteristics, there is no doubt that the Honda Crosstour 2024 would be able to offer better driving dynamics and handling, as well as a higher level of comfort. Add to this a decent ground clearance and solid interior space, and you get a pretty serious competitor.

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Honda Crosstour Return 2024


When it pertains to the exterior design, we count on the same wheelbase as on the Accord. Of course, the new model would come in a wagon body style, which means it will probably be a bit longer. Of course, it will also feature a significantly higher ground clearance, which in practice means a typical crossover appearance. Styling-wise, the new model should resemble the famous sedan a lot. This particularly refers to the front end, which should be nearly identical.

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The rear end was the original’s weakest point. It features shapes that neither look good nor make things very practical. That’s why we believe that the new Honda Crosstour 2024 would rather come in a more convenient way in this aspect. We count on relatively conservative styling solutions, which would provide more interior space and improve overall practicality.

Honda Crosstour Return 2024


On the inside, we don’t expect to see any particular differences compared to the Accord, at least when it concerns the dashboard design. Simply, the Accord’s dash looks modern and features pretty solid overall quality. Furthermore, the variety of advanced tech goodies is pretty impressive, so everything looks hi-techy and opulent.

The front row should remain similar as well, though a bit higher driving position is quite possible. The second row will certainly offer more headroom, due to the wagon body style. Still, the biggest improvement will come in terms of the cargo space. We count on numbers that would be competitive with the Outback, which features around 32.5 cubic feet behind the second row and over 75 cubic feet with rear seats folded down.

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Naturally, the new Honda Crosstour 2024 should include loads of standard features, especially when it concerns safety and tech goodies. We presume that Honda Sensing Suite would be standard, as well as a big variety of hi-tech goodies.

Honda Crosstour Return 2024

Honda Crosstour 2024 Release Date and Price

The Honda Crosstour 2024 comeback is just a rumor currently and even though some sources suggest it could arrive already in the next year, the officials are still quiet. If it returns one day, we presume that the base price would go around 30.000 dollars.